Call for Voice Actors!

2011-06-24 13:17:41 by larkinheather

Hey Everybody!

Call for Voice Actors for a short project!

I wrote a short scene based on my favorite book (Myst the Book of Atrus) and made it into an animatic. It's about a minute long. You can read the storyboards here. You can also watch the animatic (without sound) here: here.

I want to give the animatic more life. Music would be nice, but most importantly I'm looking for voices to put onto the track. There are three characters: Anna, Atrus and Gehn.

I'm trying an experiment. I know there's a lot of people who love voice acting on newgrounds. Are you interested in lending your voice?

You can download the script here. Choose one or more of the characters, record your voice digitally, and send it to me ( A long track with multiple takes is fine. I can do the editing.

Send the voices to me by Tuesday July 5th. I will choose the three best voices, and put them into the animatic. Then I'll post the animatic on deviantart, youtube, vimeo, etc with your names in the credits.

Does that sound fun? Let me know if you have any questions.


Information about the characters and scene that might be helpful:

The setup: In this scene, Atrus (age 14) and Anna (his grandmother) have just been dropped in on by Gehn (Atrus' father), who Atrus has never met before. They just finished having dinner.

Anna and Gehn's relationship has always been strained. She knows Gehn is angry with her. He blames her for ruining his life. She doesn't want to do/say anything to bring that anger out. But at the same time, she also wants Gehn to connect with Atrus. She is normally a formidable woman and says things with confidence, but in this moment, she's tense, afraid to push Gehn too much or too little.

Atrus has lived alone with his grandmother for 14 years. He's lonely. When Gehn first appeared, he seemed like a regal, god-like figure. He was Intimidated at first, but now Atrus is very curious about him. He's also mindful of his grandmother's tension.

In this scene, the audience is just getting to know Gehn. He appears well-dressed and extremely self-confident. He chooses his words carefully, and only answers questions how and if he wants to answer them. He's in complete control.

Underneath, he has a lot of anger toward his mother, anger that goes way back in their history. He hates her. In this scene, Gehn pretends he's above that, though a bit of his disdain shows through.

Toward Atrus, he feels no awkwardness. Gehn assumes, in his delusional mind, that Atrus, in essence, is the same as him. Because Atrus is his son, he must feel the same things as him. (Problems arise later in the story when Gehn realizes this is not the case.) Gehn doesn't say much because he sees no need to explain himself.

Some general direction for the voice acting:

- Do lots of takes. I find it usually takes me at least 10-15 takes before I get over my giggles, and get into the character. Then again, sometimes the first take is the best!
- Don't feel like you have to read the dialogue exactly as it's written. Feel free to stretch and improvise some of the lines if it makes it sound more natural in your voice.


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2011-06-24 13:20:14

Very Cool!


2011-06-24 14:32:10

You should probably describe <how> each character sounds, in addition to what their personalities are like. Is it deep, high, raspy, young, old, stuttering, with/without accent... it helps the voice actors and lets them know if they can pull off the type of voice you'd like to hear.

larkinheather responds:

Hmmm. I see what you are saying. Let me see ....

For Anna:
-She is a grandmother, but she doesn't need to sound too old. Should sound mature. Steady voice.

For Atrus:
-He's 14 years old. Could be played by an adult woman, or a man with a higher voice. (not too high though).

For Gehn:
-He's an adult man. Firm, deep male voice is appropriate. I imagine the lines in a tone that's strong with a little suave. Not too harsh.

I have no accents or affectations in mind for any of them.


2011-06-24 15:48:08

I'll get to this in my leisure =D

larkinheather responds:

excellent :D I look forward to it!


2011-06-24 16:16:51

There, that's very helpful and spot on. I now know that I can't do any of the voices you want, since my voice range is a bit limited.

You could try the Voice Acting club ( x.cgi ) if you don't have any luck here, there's plenty of talented people over there.

larkinheather responds:

Oh, cool, thanks for the link! I hadn't thought of asking at a place like that. good to know.

btw, I'm not so concerned about voice range. For this project, it's more about performance for me. If the acting comes from a believable place, then the voice itself is not so important. so, if you do want to give it a shot, I'd love to hear it!


2011-06-24 16:29:54

::throws all her friends at this::

larkinheather responds:

lol awesome please do


2011-06-24 19:11:13

I love this. Will certainly send you through some audio.

Thank you for the privilege.

larkinheather responds:

Yay! Thanks! Please do. I look forward to it ^__^


2011-06-24 21:50:20

I'll send you somethin' for sure!

larkinheather responds:

sweet! please do XD


2011-06-24 23:40:27

is there a certain time in a certain style of speaking? are the characters very formal or what?

larkinheather responds:

ooooo .... that's a good question....

The story has a fantasy, old-fashioned feel to it. So, yes, I imagine the characters would sound more formal than we do.

However, for this, I'm mostly concerned about the believability of the dialogue. If a person can see themselves in the situation ... and say the dialogue in an incidental way, then I think that would sound better than someone focusing on playing a character. That's not true for everything, but in this case, that's what I'm looking for.


2011-06-25 02:35:52

You know what? I think I'll try this! I will send you my file. It's the first serious tryout I will do. I'm still annoyed that the microphone doesn't pick up what I think is my voice. In my ears it should be far deeper but the register doesn't pick that up for some reason. I'll send something anyway. Feel free to reject it.

larkinheather responds:

gleee!! Yay!! Please send! :D


2011-06-25 02:36:58

This sounds like a great idea. I'll check into it once I am able to borrow a professional mic that a friend of mine has. I feel that I may strive towards Gehn, however, but it all depends on the time I am able to get to it.

larkinheather responds:

thanks! I hope you get to do it! I look forward to hearing it! :D


2011-06-25 04:25:04

a 14-year-old boy character? THIS IS SO UP MY ALLEY! expect something from me soon! btw, did you want us to record ALL the lines from the script? or just a few so you know how we would sound as the character and we can record the rest once you've decided on a voice actor?

also, if you want a preview of what my voice sounds like, I have a demo right here: n/379455


2011-06-25 08:46:06

sent you something already actually, so don't worry about my dumb question xD

larkinheather responds:

Received! Thanks again man :D


2011-06-25 12:29:25

I'll do it! Please.

larkinheather responds:

Send me a recording! I'm going to pick the three performances that fit the best. :D


2011-06-25 13:42:36

Sent in an audition for Atrus and Gehn! :]

larkinheather responds:

got it. Thanks again :D


2011-06-25 16:12:06

This leisure I spoke of seems to be Sunday ie tommorow, so bear with me =D

larkinheather responds:

lol no rush. I'm taking submission until July 5th. :D


2011-06-25 16:22:14

Sounds great. Looks good too. Im 16 years old but i can do a pretty good adult voice. For gehn specifically. When do u need the recordings in? And this is gonna sound weird, but this is my first time voice acting so how should I go about recording properly? Thanks, happy to help

larkinheather responds:

Let's see ... what kind of computer do you have? Do you have a microphone you can plug into your computer? Or does your computer have a build in microphone? Or do you have a microphone headset?

I look forward to your Gehn performance. I'd love to hear you try Atrus while you're at it :)

Remember it's not about the voice ... its about the performance ... its how you imagine the character is feeling in that moment, and speaking from that place. It can be really fun. :)


2011-06-25 16:50:04

I'll really need to get into this though. *glares at Kirbopher*:P

larkinheather responds:

lol Kirkbopher's was pretty sweet. I hope you can step it up ;)


2011-06-26 09:45:11

Audition lines sent =)

larkinheather responds:

thank u much :D


2011-06-26 22:23:43

I actually just sent you a few takes, hopefully you'll like them.

larkinheather responds:

Thanks again! :D


2011-06-30 22:57:59

Still looking for voice actors? I was wondering if we could do a voice-trade since I need some help too ^^
(I found your Link's Prize video on DeviantArt- I love the style! He looks so cute when he wipes his face 8D)


2011-07-05 05:23:50

Last-minute audition for Anna sent!