Support and Collaborate on my Animation Projects!

2010-07-05 13:02:19 by larkinheather

Hi everyone!

Thanks again for all the comments on my Kanook animation (and the others!), and the comments on my last journal entry, where I talked about my game plan for more projects ... They are really important to me!

I've decided to work on two projects:

1) a 10-min animated short to submit for film festivals. The story is about two boys who herd sheep and goats, and have one of their lambs stolen by a zebra.

2) Kanook animated web series. Episode one and beyond. Epic adventure story about a boy from a new species of humans (Homo neotropicus) whose whole world turns upside down when he meets Homo sapiens.

I'd like to share my step-by-step progress on both of these projects, as well as invite you to collaborate on bringing them to life. If you like, you could help me with some animation, in-betweening, coloring, voices, music, etc. Or you could be a Moral Support collaborator and just support me through your thoughts and comments. This is an experiment for me, so I don't have a lot of expectations.

So, this is the plan. I've made a google group and a website. On the website I plan to post the latest scripts, artwork and animation associated with each project. The site is also where I'll put flash files to share in the future. I made the site restricted access. If you become a collaborator with me, then you can see the site, make comments and edit content.

In order to become a collaborator, you need to join my Project Hub google group. I will use that as a mailing list to send you updates about the projects. The group is located here: rkinheather. Either go to the page and request to join, or send me your email address and I'll add you. (You can note me or send me an email at

Once you're in the group, then you can see the website here: ther/.

I will also be posting select project updates here on Deviantart and other public places. But if you really want to be part of my animation process, please join me!! Once you join, then you can also add information about yourself, and about your own projects as well. Hopefully, this is the start of something big! :D

That's it. Thanks guys! Have a great day!


Support and Collaborate on my Animation Projects!


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2010-07-05 21:09:15

Wow, this sounds amazing. I bet it'll be awesome. I'll join! :P

larkinheather responds:

Yay! Thanks for joining! I just approved you. Welcome! Now you should be able to see the site ...


2010-07-11 21:22:21

This looks, sounds, and is, awesome.
Shame I don't have a Google account. Aw well. I'll still watch your progress from here in NG.

Good luck, and happy animating!
Yay Kanook!

larkinheather responds:

Thanks LegendaryQ! :D No google account eh? ah well. ... hopefully I'll have some good stuff here soon! :D Thanks for commenting! -Heather