Front Page! Woot!

2008-04-23 07:14:44 by larkinheather

So exciting!! Front Page!! Thank you so much!! This is amazingly encouraging. My nose is to the grindstone and I'm working hard to make new animations! :D

The tutorial is finished! Yay! Here it is:

Part 1: Idea and Storyboards
Part 2: Making an Animatic
Part 3: Drawing the Backgrounds
Part 4: Animation Preplanning and Animating
Part 5: Painting the Backgrounds
Part 6: Coloring the Animations

Once again, if you have any comments, any at all, please shoot them my way. I appreciate any and all criticism.

Thank you!



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2008-04-23 08:11:00

i will definitely be watching for more high quality animations like the one you have on the front page.



2008-04-23 10:44:52

well i have to say wow what great art skills in ud think ur actual in the game or watching a tv program ^^ keep up the great work



2008-04-23 17:14:00

link's prize was a great flash film. great look and cool n64 music and noises. keep up the good work. btw i could have been better if it has longer than 30 seconds but still great job.


2008-04-23 19:10:32

Nice can't wait to see more from you.


2008-04-24 05:44:57

haha that was good something left field.
to be honest i didnt see that cow coming, you know how to give me good laugh nice job!


2008-04-24 16:06:00

You have great talent, awesome work on the frame by frame animation when Link was moving about!


2008-04-24 20:09:18

You are such an awsome person! Never have I seen a tutorial on animation that was very informative; its really encouraging, especially since I'm getting my own flash program this week. So I'll be looking to you for guidence and reference!

Also, I can't wait to see new animations from you, even if they don't hit front page, I'll still watch and criticise! Keep up the fantastic work and have fun with it! 8D


2008-04-24 21:35:48

good for you


2008-04-26 10:24:01

Those are really great tutorials and you explain very well. Also, congratulations on your movie.


2008-04-26 18:49:24

I can see why you got the front page! Good job! ^.^


2008-04-28 20:27:58

will all of your other stuff also be able to overload my CPU without actually doing much? that's a problem which has plagued me ever since flash 8 came out so it really isn't your fault, but still...


2008-05-02 19:07:09


your tutorials are great! real nice. informational is always good.


2008-05-15 15:36:08

Welcome to Newgrounds!!!!! Im amazed at our work :D! Your blog about animation tutorials is really helpful, i specially liked how you do the backgrounds, i dont use programs other than flash for my (few) animations, so i cant believe how easy it can be to just set the light and shadow values and then use a few colors under them to make th ebackground look awesome. I dont like working with bitmaps but now ill start doing it : )

You are amazing. I hope to see more animations from you here :D!

also, what do you use for drawing on the computer? mouse, tablet or tablet PC/screen?


2008-11-30 15:34:12

ok i dont know how often you check your newgrounds account but i hope you get this cause simply amazing the directions you gave made it sound so easy i that i want to go out and start puting them up but i know they are so much harder to get right and i would probly loose my mind keep up the good work ill be waiting for the next one


2009-07-25 00:47:09

Are you dead? :(