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Animation Tutorial

2008-04-19 01:42:33 by larkinheather

Hello! Yay for my first news post on Newgrounds! woot.

First, thank you for the AMAZING response to Link's Prize. It was a real shock. Thank you to everybody who watched it, voted and commented. I really really appreciate it.

Over on my blog, I started a tutorial series about how I made the animation. Here are the topics and links so far:

Part 1: Idea and Storyboards
Part 2: Making an Animatic
Part 3: Drawing the Backgrounds
Part 4: Animation Preplanning and Animating
Part 5: Painting the Backgrounds
Part 6: Coloring the Animations

I'll update this post as I finish each part of the tutorial. If you like it, love it, or hate it and think it's useless, I'll appreciate any comments I can get. I really have no idea what I'm doing ...

Thanks again!



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2008-04-19 01:44:53


larkinheather responds:



2008-04-19 02:01:29



2008-04-19 02:20:33

well actualy you havent got into the animation stuff yet , thats the part thats gonna be most helpful to people.


2008-04-19 05:41:34

They're some handy tutorials. Thanks for that Heather.


2008-04-19 06:50:49

Great tutorials, I'll surely be waiting for the next one!


2008-04-19 07:01:18

This was helpfull for me i mean i never know the animatic ( how its work) now i know.


2008-04-19 08:18:48

What you've submitted and what you've continued to do with these tutorials is amazing! I'll continue to follow these, along with your submissions in the future. It really is people like you who make Newgrounds a special place.


2008-04-19 14:29:55

Very cool stuff. Link's Gift was great! I can't wait to see your next animation - it's such beautiful stuff. You should add sound effects and music to your deku link flash and submit it, I guarantee it will do well - it's just as awesome!

If you ever want a voice actor, check me out! I've got a demo on my userpage! I'd be ecstatic to be in one of your awesome animations!


2008-04-19 14:59:50



2008-04-21 14:36:10

very good tutorial and i really like "Links prize". Please make more XD. I am adding this to my fav list.


2008-04-21 20:54:45

Nice animation, pretty well done!


2008-04-21 22:23:54

very nice animations on your first flash, and a handy tutorial, just great work keep it up!


2008-04-22 00:26:12

Hey nice work on your first Flash. I'll keep a look out on your journal as I'm making my own first flash too...Learning Flash is a bigger challenge than I thought. Nice work.


2008-04-22 02:45:38

You blog was wonderful. I got the concept of an animatic, but never really understood how to make them or how to use them. I like to draw but I never am able to organize a full animation project beyond disjointed animation segments or broken story boards.


2008-04-22 03:36:00

I will be looking forward to seeing your next animation :-)
I hope you'll work on story and punchline, you've got the animation part down like a charm! Good luck :)


2008-04-22 10:36:20

great tutorials!, but i have a question
in your animatic, do you space out you important frames of action or do you use a low frame rate?


2008-04-22 13:50:34

Great cartoon ya did. Congratz on the front page too.


2008-04-22 20:18:26

Awesome, now I found the BEST possible source for starting!!


2008-04-22 22:07:42

You have a very interesting way of animating.


2008-04-22 22:20:31

Oh my god. i know exactly what you mean by "getting it perfect the first time". im trying to make a short Roadrunner type animation... (trying) and just the sketching it out part is just too static. i need to find some rhythm, and i think you might have helped me a little! PS i think you should make a long animation. with your style, i can see an immediate hit!